Monday, April 10

Border Reivers: 1 Step Forward...

2 steps back :-(

After speaking to a bunch of printers while investigating the cost of getting the various Border Reivers parts made I've found out that the work I've done on the tiles is at the wrong resolution so I've had to start again. The good news is I've worked out how to do more of it automatically, so I'm writing a computer program to do a lot of the hard work for me.

In other news the pricing on the limited edition is progressing nicely and the first few pre-orders are starting to come in, despite the fact that I haven't really started advertising it yet, and I don't even know how much it'll cost.

Right, I'm off to bed in a mo, but first of all, welcome to HamsterOfFury a new member and fellow board game designer who joined the blog today - I'm looking forward to his posts about his experiences designing games.

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