Friday, April 20

An Invititation

Hugo of Bode Gueims has made us an offer:

I'm currently inviting boardgames bloggers to contribute to Bode Gueims with old (but still relevant) content from their own blogs, which I then translate to the "other" language (in your case from English to Portuguese) in order to open up a bit more both communities of gamers to each other. Having been enjoying Creation and Play for quite a while now, I think my fellow Portuguese speakers would enjoy it also, mainly because there is very little content on boardgame design in Portuguese. So, I would like to extend an invitation for you or any of the current contributors of C&P to participate in Bode Gueims as well. As I said, there is virtually no extra work for you guys: You just pick some old (but still relevant) entry from your blog and send it to me, so I can translate it and publish it. I will obviously state the author of the post and where (and when) it was published first.

Anyone interested?

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