Friday, April 20

Who's Been A Busy Boy?


The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur. The Wife came back from Denmark, and we had a lovely long weekend together, playing Pirates of the Spanish Main and Carcassonne: The Castle which she bought me as a present :-). We also had a visit from her sister and her fiance (not The Wife's! The Wife's sister's) when we played among others Twilight Imperium Third Edition.

Since then I've been trying to step up Border Reivers production to get it finished off at the same time as doing some graphic design work on It's Alive! processing the artwork I've been receiving from the artist over the last couple of weeks. I've got all the artwork for the cards now and the slab (on which you place your cards), so I'm just waiting for the player shield and the box illustration. I've been getting all the individual files together into a print-ready A3 sheet, while at the same time working on graphical overlays which sit on top of the artwork to convey extra information. I'm having some issues getting the numbers on the cards to look good, I'll probably post some options here for feedback in a day or two.

I've now got five finished copies of Border Reivers in stock, plus nine that are finished except for the tiles. I've started another batch too. This is good as I had a photographer from the Yorkshire Post round today to take some photos to go with a phone interview I'm doing tonight. I wanted to get some stock in, just in case the story generates some sales. I'm also considering some options for a publicity/special offer that might help shift a few copies fairly swiftly, as I need over two hundred pounds of Border Reivers sales in the next three or four weeks if I'm to fund It's Alive! in time for a release at the UK Games Expo at the beginning of June.

Anyway, sorry I've not posted in ages. I've been busy :-) Still - I wouldn't have it any other way.

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