Thursday, April 5

Prototype day

I have been doing the artwork for Archaeology for three months now, and the fine tuning is taking quite a while! I am finding it hard to stay super motivated as there isn't much creativity required in the project at this late stage. Although it will be done in the next two or three weeks!

So I find my mind wandering to the games I have lined up next to try producing. Today I spent time working on three prototypes for games that are in various stages of the playtesting phase. It was certainly a fun diversion.

Two of these games use quite similar mechanics and are exploration games. Although one is quite light (a pirate theme), and the other quite brain-burning (an egyptian theme). Playtesting today surprisingly yielded that the lighter game seems to be playing the best, although it is far less developed. I think I may have over-thought the complexities of the egyptian one, and need to work more on the simple fun factor of each phase of play.

The third game is an extremely light-hearted combat card game, which is slowly turning into something kind of good! Time will tell if it has the gameplay to back up its quirky theme, but if I figure out the right balance for all the combo moves it could be cool.

But I've decided that's enough prototyping for awhile and I just need to put the head down and finish Archaeology. Onward!


Jack said...

I find there's still plenty of creativity in the artwork, as I try to design it so that I get as much useful information across as possible while not breaking things for the colour blind and making it ugly! I enjoy the design phase as much as the rest of it - the only bit I don't enjoy is gluing/cutting out the Border Reivers tiles as that is a horrible job :-(


Phil said...

Oh I agree, I love actually creating the artwork. It is where the game has life breathed into it, it seems.
I should have been more clear that I am up to the more painful stage of getting thousands of small details print-ready. So we're talking colour uniformity, font sizes etc etc! Having 15 different card designs is the main culprit here.

hmocc said...


If you're down at BM tomorrow... erm... today, I may end asking this in person: In your post you mentioned being involved in the creation of new prototypes, one "Pirate themed" light exploration game and one "Egiptian themed" brain-burner.

What is your first concern when starting a new design: The game's mechanics or the theme? What are the biggest problems when you start thinking about the theme and add the mechanics at a later stage?

Has anyone ever said "Cute theme. Pity the PASTED ON mechanics..."?

Jack said...

Hey Hugo,

That was Phil not me! And I'll not be at Beyond Monopoly this week as The Wife has only just got back from Denmark.



hmocc said...

Sorry about that Jack,

I guess im getting old and can't read properly.

Well, I thus redirect the question to Phil, although I'd also like to hear your opinion, Jack.

Well, we'll meet any other time, then.

Phil said...

Hi Hugo,
Thanks for your question, even if you didn't mean it for me!
I've decided I'll write a whole post about choosing theme in the next few days, so keep an eye out for it. Hopefully it will be an interesting read for you!
All the best,

hmocc said...

Cheers Phil!