Friday, April 27

Archaeology released!

Well I am happy to say that I have finally finished Archaeology!

It feels great to have a couple of finshed copies sitting next to me. I am for the most part happy with how everything has turned out. I had one printing job partially botched, but thankfully the company acted quickly to correct it and I wasn't held up too long. Other than that the process was pretty smooth, just long!

I have learnt a lot and am very keen to write up some observations from the whole process, but for now I think I just need a rest. I was really working hard to get the game done before the business end of the semester kicked in.

Oh yes, I also put together a website to handle ordering at My first print run is 50 copies. Hopefully I'll have to do a second, but we'll see how things go!

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Jack said...

Hiya Phil,

Excellent! Congratulations. I had a look at some of the pictures on the Geek and the quality looks really good. Best of luck with the first print run.