Saturday, September 8

Archaeology - The Card Game released!

Well my second game is finally out!

Thread about it on BGG:

Order page on my website:

I am happy with this version of the game, and it has been excellent not having to work super hard just to produce a single copy! I have already got some sales happening which is great. Hopefully some feedback will start coming in soon.

Oh and Jack if you are still thinking about a solution for scoring card to make folds, I am using a butter knife to score the tuckboxes for the card game. It takes a bit of pressure and a few runs back and forth to get a deep enough groove, but it seems to be working ok.

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Jack said...

Congrats Phil, great work. Have you contacted Eric Martin at He's run a couple of stories about Reiver Games and both times it's led to a few sales.

Good luck,