Friday, September 28

A Dichotomy

This has been a weird week. I've been in Paris Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for work, and then on Wednesday I got a day off to compensate me for travelling all day Sunday. I was in London today, and I'm down there again tomorrow and Sunday visiting my sister (who's made me an Uncle). Monday I'm off to Oslo for a few days. As a result I've only made six copies of It's Alive! this week, and I'll probably manage less next week.

This week I've experienced a strange duality in sales. I've actually sold thirteen copies (twelve to a shop in the UK) but only one of those is a new order. Last week I only had three new orders. It's all going a bit quiet. I need to boost my exposure or I'm never going to get through the first hand-made run. If that happens, there won't be a second run.

I tried sending out a press release to my local news contacts, but I've only had one response, so that's not worked very well either. Still, with any luck that one response will lead to some coverage to 86,000 households - so it may yet led to some sales.

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