Monday, September 17

Week Off

Last week I had a week off. Not off real work, but making games. The last ten weeks I've been frantically making games in my spare time. I've still managed something that resembles a social life, but the vast majority of my free time has been construction. Because I've been trying to clear my backlog of orders and I've got customers waiting, I've felt guilty when I've not been making games.

A couple of weeks ago I contacted the last people on my waiting list and since then I've been responding to new orders as soon as I get them from the stock in my flat. Having stock means the pressure is off a bit so I can take a break. As a result I made one copy last week. One! The previous weeks I'd done a little better (16, 10, 12, 14 and 26). This week I'm back in the saddle, and with one day down I've already made a couple, and I expect to get at least twelve made this week, possibly more.

I've also been thinking seriously about which game to do next. I'd love to do Jorvik if I can get it ready in time, and to that end I've had another idea. It builds on Dave's brilliant idea, taking it one step further. Of course it may make things worse rather than better, but there's only one way to find out. I'm going to make a prototype (and probably take it to Paris with me next week) and give it a shot.

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