Monday, April 7

The Best Laid Plans...

Well, my first day working as a game publisher is over. 11 hours! Still, it doesn't feel like work :-)

I used (in the bad old days of employment ;-) ) to check my email while I ate breakfast so if I needed to package copies of It's Alive! to post at lunchtime I could. This morning I didn't turn the computer on until I was ready to start work. And what a great start it was! I had four sales of It's Alive! waiting for me in my inbox when I turned the computer on. Fantastic start to the business. Auspicious. During the day I sold another (my first sale to Estonia!), so five in total, that's more than I sold last week, in my first day :-) Needless to say it gave me a real spring in my step.

I'd started the day with only two finished copies of It's Alive!, and only a single padded envelope, so my plans for the day went out the window. Instead I started the day with a trip to Staples to buy more padded envelopes (they'd gone up - d'oh, but were on a buy one get one free deal - yeay!). I then spent the rest of the day making It's Alive! to make the copies I'd sold and build up some stock again. I paused briefly to pop to the Post Office to post those copies in the afternoon - postage has gone up too. Then back to construction.

I did, however, manage to get one of my tasks done - I've a meeting with the new bank manager tomorrow morning.

I'm off to Paul's now for games night. Man, I'm obsessed!

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