Sunday, April 13

Games Day

Yeay! 400th post!

I went round to Paul W's this afternoon for a games day. I missed the morning, so I turned up halfway through a very entertaining game of Pirates. Paul's 3-D scenery looked really cool, as did playing on a blue surface, they really set the scene. When they'd finished we got a 4-player game of Network in, which was really useful. I've not actually played it 4-player yet, and it was good to see that it worked as I'd envisaged. I'm thinking of tweaking the scoring a little more, but I'll get a chance to do that on Tuesday (play-testing with Greg, Paul W & Paul G) and then again on Wednesday afternoon (with Paul W). It's so nearly there! We wrapped up with a couple of games of Guillotine, which I love (and recently bought for Paul G for his birthday).

It's been a cracking week for It's Alive! too. I sold more copies this week than in the preceding three put together, and the two weeks before were pretty good. If sales continue this well I'll sell out in three weeks! To be honest I doubt the next three weeks will be consistently as good as this one, but it definitely feels like I'm on the finishing straight. If you're after a copy I wouldn't wait too long, they'll be gone soon.

In other news, today is my MS-versary, I was diagnosed a year ago today (on Friday 13th April - how auspicious is that?).

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