Saturday, April 5

The First Day of the Rest of My Life!

Dramatic enough for you? It's true though, today I'm no longer employed, I'm self-employed. It's going to take few weeks to settle in, but when it does it should hopefully feel very different.

A couple of things are going to make the transition easier:

  • Work want me to come back part-time as a contractor/consultant. It's far fewer hours than I do now, but at a far better rate, so it'll give me a chance to acclimatise myself to being on my own more, as I can wean myself off office life to some degree. Plus the money will help, allowing us to survive a bit better or give me longer to get the company off the ground.
  • I'm due a pay rise at work, back-dated to August, it looks like it going to be around £680 after tax, and will turn up at the end of June, again the money will be welcome.

I'm trying to have the weekend mostly off (though I've been checking my email compulsively as usual, and I've corrected the German rules for It's Alive! on my website again). Monday will be the big kick-off. I've arranged to see Paul on Wednesday for playtesting, before then I want to print some more cards for Network to try out a new idea. I'm going to create a spreadsheet of all my submissions. Until now I've been fairly cavalier about managing them, but with the vast number I've received over the last week I need to be a bit more organised.

That's it from me for the moment, I'll let you know how Monday goes...


Christian Sinclair said...

COngratulations on making a courageous decision! Wish you the best, and thanks for letting us in on your adventure.

Avantman42 said...

Very glad to hear about the contractor/consultant work - I suspect the extra money will be useful in the early days.

Good luck with it all. Jen & I were a bit concerned when we heard you'd "given up work due to ill health" as a friend put it.


Jackson Pope said...


Thanks! I'll keep you updated on how it goes...

@Russ: It's not that bad, honest! I've given up work because I want to make a go of it, not because of the MS. Hope Jen & the baby are well.