Wednesday, June 11

Finally! Things Are Moving Again

It's been another frustrating week so far, but hopefully things are looking up. Last Monday I was promised a quote for a re-print for It's Alive! in two days. I've been considering this as a quick way to get some money coming in, as the artwork is already mostly done, and it should be quicker both to manufacture (simpler components) and sell (known quantity).

By the end of Monday, I still didn't have anything. So I emailed a few friends in the business to see if they knew of anyone else I could use in the UK. Dean Conrad of Ludorum Games offered to give our mutual contact at Cartamundi a swift kick up the rear, as he'd had good responses from him in the past. He texted me later to say I'd get a quote on Tuesday. By Wednesday lunchtime, there was still no word from Cartamundi, so I sent the guy an email, explaining how I was in a rush, it's no good promising quick manufacture if the quotes take ages to arrive, I had been hoping to work with them in the future, but I've lost all confidence in them now.

A couple of hours later, the quote arrives :-) It's a bit high, but with a little wiggling I should be able to get it down to a manageable amount. The modified artwork is starting to trickle in, and I'm getting a German guy to translate the rules into Deutsch (thanks Michael). The rules guy is doing a great job, not only is he extremely quick, he's providing some really good feedback on the English rules.

In other news, I've finally heard back from the English distributor, Esdevium Games, I'm hoping to speak to the Head Buyer tomorrow - he's seen my website, and he's interested. I also received a couple more prototypes today, a couple of quick card games, they look interesting, though I haven't had a chance to play them yet.

I'm looking for a quick turn around on It's Alive!, I need some money coming in quick, once that's underway I can concentrate on finishing off Carpe Astra, and lining up the next game from the Reiver Games stable.

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