Thursday, June 19

I Might Have Got Your Hopes Up

I spoke to the Sales Manager at Carta Mundi this morning about a few things, including the tiles. He wasn't around yesterday, so with no input from him I started doing a different version of the artwork suitable for the tiles version, in case that ended up being cheaper.

His first impressions about the tiles idea is that it wouldn't be cheaper. While all the components might fit on a print sheet (B1), apparently the press that does the die-cutting has a maximum die length, beyond which it cannot provide enough pressure to perform the cut. He thinks that all the components out of thick card might be too much in terms of die length for a single sheet (even if it will fit, which he doesn't know yet), so it might be that idea is dead in the water before it really got off the ground.

He's spent today and is going to spend tomorrow investigating this and a few other ideas to see what turns out to be the most efficient method. I should hear back from him tomorrow afternoon with the results of his investigation, which will mean I can send the artwork to him on Monday. Hopefully it's only four weeks from then that'll I'll get something back in stock.

I've spent today continuing with the tiles version artwork, just in case. Tomorrow I hope to finish the box and the tiles version. I've also got to clean the flat as I've friends coming down from Newcastle for a belated birthday celebration. I'd imagine I'll get some games in on the weekend, maybe even some prototypes.

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