Friday, June 27


I'm thinking of popping along to Summer StabCon in Stockport in just over a week's time with a few prototypes. Any one else going? Anyone been before? How many people go, is it worth me attending ?

In other news it looks like It's Alive! will go to the printer early next week. I've been delayed because I need to put my address on the box apparently, and I wanted a PO Box instead of my home address.


Anonymous said...

I went last year but won't be going this year due to lack of funds :/ It is a nice little con with a couple of stalls but the focus is heavily on free play, and there are a lot of heavier games getting played.
I'd expect a lot of familiar faces from other cons, but that crowd should make it a good place to try out prototypes. Have fun!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Ben,

Thanks for the description. I'm going to go now as I've been offered a spare room, making it much more affordable.