Monday, June 23

Great Weekend

My mates Linz & Mal were down from Newcastle for the weekend for a belated birthday celebration. I don't often get to see the boys from Newcastle (who I used to work with when I lived there), although recently I've seen them quite a bit. It was a really good weekend, they arrived Friday night, and after a long catch up, and a great meal we played a game of Race for the Galaxy, before having to call it a night as we were all knackered.

Saturday morning began after one of my legendary breakfast fry-ups, with a couple of games of the co-operative game Lord of the Rings. My copy doesn't see much action but I hang on to it, despite the lack of space, because I enjoy it and I don't have anything else like it. We played one game vanilla, and then one game with the Friends & Foes expansion. We were sorely crushed in both. Mal needed a break then, so Linz and I carried on. Linz was a Race convert, as we played it another three times 2-player, while The Wife and Mal went shopping. That evening we played some Carcassonne after Linz had left - still my favourite game.

On Sunday, Mal and I mostly played prototypes. We managed to play four different games, one of which three times (there's a good sign - your playtesters wanting to play the game again).

Today I'm back to work, and I've been working on the It's Alive! artwork again. The tiles idea looks like it's not going to fly, so we're back to similar components to the limited edition. Today I've sent most of the artwork to the printer, so they can check the formatting and print specifications, I'm due a further quote tonight and I hope to place the order officially tomorrow. I've still got the box to do, which is waiting on a photograph of a mock-up and a PO Box, apparently it's a requirement that I have my address printed on the box. I'm getting a PO Box rather than have my home address on the box. I should have the mock-up & photo done tomorrow or Wednesday, the PO Box registration should come through hopefully on Friday or Monday.

Once, It's Alive! is in process I can go back to Carpe Astra and continue playtesting my submissions.

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