Friday, February 20

Facebook Marketing

Two posts in one day! Madness.

I've been on Facebook for a while now. At the beginning it was all about Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies, but since then I've grown as a person and login very rarely. I just got en email from a shop who suggested I create Facebook pages for my games. It seemed like a good idea, so I've just spent the last hour or so knocking up a page for It's Alive!, Carpe Astra and Sumeria. As with all things social and networking these pages are linked together by people. If you're on Facebook (and you like the game!) you can become a 'fan' of it. When you do your friends see that you're a fan and they can follow the link for more information, or to become a fan themselves. In theory, it could lead to a huge groundswell of interest. Or not. At the moment all three games have one fan - me!


Mal said...

Wot no Border Reivers?!? Man, I wanna fan that one bad.

Oh, and you're not the only fan of your games now. :)

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Mal,

Yeah, sorry about that - I was concentrating on the ones for sale (or soon to be). I'll add Border Reivers when I get the chance.



Todd said...

I "friended" you on facebook. Thanks for accepting. Also I added myself as a fan of Sumeria though I've never played it. I plan to purchase when available in the U.S.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Todd,

Thanks for your confidence in me! Sumeria should arrive at the end of May/beginning of June. Us pre-orders will get it a week later, US shops up to a month after that (the games will generally be shipped by sea to distributors, which obviously takes some time).