Sunday, February 1

Good News, Everyone*

* who is waiting for a prototype copy of Sumeria.

The wooden pieces arrived from Germany on Friday - nearly a week before I was expecting them! This has caught me by surprise, to some degree. I spent most of last week doing financial things, not preparing the prototypes.

I've a few things to do, I've already sorted the bits and bagged them up ready to go. Yesterday I prepared the boxes ready for cutting out - I'll do that this afternoon. I also need to print out the boards, tiles and counters and glue them onto some thick card, add some diagrams to the rules and print them out. I hope to have everything done by Tuesday. Things have been slowed down by an infected wound in my (good) ankle, which caused the whole ankle to swell up and is so painful I can't really walk at the moment. I've been prescribed some antibiotics though, so hopefully things should start improving by tomorrow.

Making these prototypes, especially bagging the bits and making the boxes really reminds me of the good old days with Border Reivers and the first edition of It's Alive! It's a lot more fun when you don't have to do hundreds of them though!

In other (good) news, a restock order from America and the returns from one of my consignment customers means that I'll be halfway to my target for February by the end of day two :-)

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