Monday, February 9


This week I'll be mostly playtesting. I've received several prototypes in the last few weeks, and along with some games that I've had for a while, I need to start going through them. Since the move down South my playtesting has dropped right off. In York I had a weekly playtesting night, but I've yet to set one up down here, I need to get to know a few more gamers first.

I got a couple of games in at Tim's on Saturday and today I'm soloing a few submissions for the first time. Soloing a game for the first time lets me see if the game is worth putting in front of playtesters when I get a chance to hook up with some.

I'm also trying to put some effort in on Codename: Nine, my sci-fi license idea. I've been making some notes and trying to get a game flow in my head. I've not made any prototype bits yet, or started playtesting - I'm just trying to capture the feel of the original and then I can start mocking things up.

I also need to go and collect some more stock, probably on Wednesday weather permitting. I've plenty of It's Alive! at home ready to ship out, but only one copy of Carpe Astra!


Anonymous said...

Great post. I love these detailed posts about the business, I'm trying to do the same on our own blog about running an online board game store.

I did want to comment that getting Alliance on board was great - we have preorders for a couple of copies of both It's Alive and Carpe Astra in once they arrive. Brown Box was interesting, but as it is, we already have 6 distributors we speak to (some more than others obviously)!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Tao,

I've just added Starlight to my list of stockists :-)

Which distributors do you deal with - I'm trying to line up more all the time, so the more the merrier!