Tuesday, June 6

Border Reivers Design

I'm trying to get Border Reivers ready to print and assemble in time to take to The Cast Are Dice. So I've picked up the pace on the design work. I've got a provisional card reverse design and a slightly more concrete card front design on the Border Reivers design page. Please take a look and either email me some feedback or post it as a comment here.

In other news, I'm thinking of using the feint northern Britain map in the style of the game tiles as a sort of unifying theme. You can see it on the card front and back and I'm thinking of using it as a background on the scoreboard too.


Dave said...

The designs are looking very good indeed. Looking forward to getting my grubby little mits on a copy!

Jack said...

Thanks! You're top of the list of pre-orders :-)