Wednesday, June 14

Border Reivers: Making Progress

Hard work, this board game production business.

I've got several things in progress at the minute:

  • The cards - I'm pretty happy with the front design, not so sure about the symbols on the back of the cards and I'm missing a logo for the game which I'm getting some help with.
  • The rulebook - I've had a rulebook written for a couple of years, but I need to re-write it to be better written, clearer and more thorough. I'm also working on a cover design for the rulebook. I need to post the rulebook to myself via Special Delivery for copyright claiming purposes. But I've been putting it off until the I've finished the rulebook. I'll also need to do some blind play-testing once the rules are finished to further improve their clarity.
  • This blog - I'm trying to build up a readership, by blogging regularly, and hopefully in an interesting manner.

I really need to start finishing some of these things off, since I've set myself a deadline of mid-July to get the game ready for The Cast Are Dice. I'm hoping to take several copies to play and hopefully sell. Time to start setting myself individual task deadlines I think.

I especially need to finish these off as I have to also do designs for the top and bottom of the box, the scoreboard and the mountain ranges.

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