Thursday, June 22

The tales of a casual games designer: Part 1

As Jack asked me to say something about the latest game I've been working on, I decided that I might as well incorporate it into my own little series. Anyway, I'll be keeping you, the reader, up to date on the positive and negative feedback of my latest print out and play game "First Past The Post". It's gone out to a few people now so hopefully it'll get some positive reviews and gain some interest. I'm not looking for Lost Cities or San Juan mk.II, rather a game that is seen that "Not bad" and "Worth playing again". That'll be success for me as it's my first light game, breaking away from heavy maths invovled in previous attempts. Laters, Luke


Jack said...

Hiya Luke,

I'm looking forward to hear about your Print and Play effort, and also looking forward to playing it :-)

Print and Play is not something I've considered doing, so I'm looking forward to hear why you chose to go down that route and how it has worked for you.

Jack said...

I've had a chance to read the rules now. I'm not sure how it will play yet (I'll have to play it) but I love the theming - it captures the British political landscape really nicely :-)