Sunday, June 11

Power Grid - Nice Box!

I went to Newcastle yesterday to celebrate my birthday with chums there and Linz & Cath, as well as putting us up for the night, gave me Power Grid for my birthday.

I've never played it, but first impressions are very encouraging. Considering how much I bitch about box illustrations, the fact that I like this one should count as a real commendation. The box a nice design, with a really 1930s feel:

Like a lot of games it has three icons on the box used to quickly inform a prospective purchaser of three key characteristics of the game: number of players, age recommendations and playing time. These are great in Power Grid's case. It's a game about running an electricity network - supplying cities and building generation plants. The icons reflect that :-)

I've not played it yet, but I was also impressed that this edition has a double-sided playing board, with the original German map on one side, and the American map used for the American version on the other. That's a really nice touch.

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