Monday, June 5

What's Your Favourite 'Who Starts?' Mechanism?

Most games have a player who plays the first turn or who starts the game. So how do you choose that player from the many eligible candidates hovering around the board in anticipation? Some games specify a method, others leave it up to you. So what's your favourite method - either specified or a house rule?

To get the ball rolling ones I've come across recently that tickled my fancy:

  • Ticket To Ride: Who is the most widely travelled player?
  • Kreta: Who is the youngest player?
  • Timbuktu (this may be a house rule ;-) ) Who has ridden a camel most recently?
  • We often use: Who's birthday is next?

If you've a favourite, post it in the comments.


Mal said...

Not sure what the proper starting mechanism is for Carcassonne, but Gav and I tend to roll a meeple each and the person whose is closest to being on its feet goes first. If all land on their sides, just keep rolling till someone gets it stood up, on its side or on its shoulder.

Jack said...

I love that! I'm going to have to instigate it in my games of Carcassonne.