Thursday, March 15

Border Reivers: Big Push

With The Wife in Denmark for nearly a month I'm keen to get as much construction done as possible while she's away so that I can spend more time with her when she returns. So how's it going?

She left on Sunday afternoon so I've had four evenings available. Two of those I've spent playing games (with Paul and Dave) and I've been getting home late from work due to travel requirements so I've not actually had that much time. However, I have managed a few things:

  • I've made the rulebooks for all the remaining copies
  • I've bagged the wooden pieces for all the remaining copies
  • I've labelled the boxes for the next batch of five games
  • I've done the scoreboards and mountain ranges for the batch
  • I've started the cards for that batch

Tonight I'm going round to a friend's house to do the gluing for the tiles for that batch, and tomorrow night I hope to finish two or three games from that batch. Why the rush? I'm away all next week in London and Bristol for work, so if I get any orders I'll have to post them from where I am. I need to get a few copies ready to sell and then take them with me. In addition, I'm hoping to attend a couple of games clubs in London on Monday and Wednesday to show off (and hopefully sell) Border Reivers, so I need to have some stock with me for that.

I'm going to get no construction done at all next week, (or the following weekend - I'll be in Denmark visiting The Wife), but I've got the following week off work so I hope to get a load done then. In addition, while I'm away I hope to be able to make some progress on It's Alive! doing some of the graphic design on the computer. How much luck I'll have I don't know.


Phil said...

Hey Jack,
Would love to hear how you go about labelling your boxes. At the moment I am using spray adhesive, which works, but you really need to line up the box exactly to get a good fit. Any other ideas?
- Phil

Jack said...

Hiya Phil,

My box construction posts are still coming, but in brief I use watered down PVA glue which I apply to the label with a brush, I found spray adhesive too messy for making boxes, but I do use it for making the tiles.