Sunday, March 18

The Woes Of Indecision

I've been trying to get It's Alive! ready for a launch in early June at the Uk Games Expo 2007, a new convention in Birmingham.

However, I know this deadline is quite tight. Before I can go to a convention I need to: get the finished artwork from the artist; do the graphic design; sell some more copies of Border Reivers so that I've got the cash to pay for the artist, printing and components; and then assemble a bunch of copies to take with me. I estimate that It's Alive! will take around an hour and a half to construct a copy - so that's no small feat.

The UK Games Expo would be the first convention I've attended where I've had to pay a trader's fee for a stand, and while I think I'd sell enough copies of It's Alive! and Border Reivers combined to make it worthwhile, I doubt that if It's Alive! wasn't ready it would be worth it to pay the price if I only had Border Reivers to sell.

So I've put off booking and paying for a stand until I'm more sure that I'll definitely have It's Alive! ready. I contacted the organisers again to tell them I was still interested and to check they still have space - and they don't! Damn. By sitting on the fence I may have missed the boat. They've got a waiting list of traders and they are going to try and re-arrange things to make more room, but I may very well not get a booth.

The moral of this tale is to just go for it - then I'll force myself to get it ready in time because I've already paid.


Phil said...

Funny you should post this, as I have just made the decision to show my game at the Australian Game Expo for similar reasons.
I am still a bit worried about losing money, but hey you gotta dive in somewhere!

Jack said...

Yeah, I should have just gone for it, but no, I ummed and ahhed, and now I might very well not be going. D'oh. Here's hoping they make a bit more room or someone drops out.