Monday, March 5

I Think I'm Getting The Hang Of This Publicity Lark

So Sunday I announced the release of game number two from the Reiver Games stable: It's Alive! (formerly known as Codename: Monster, formerly known as The Menorah Game). I also informed W. Eric Martin of Board Game News, and a couple of other press contacts and posted on BoardGameGeek that the pre-order list was now open.

This is quite a big difference from how I released Border Reivers when I just created an entry on BoardGameGeek and mentioned it here. Of course in those days we had hardly any readers so that didn't attract much attention.

Nowadays we get more readers here and the BoardGameGeek, Board Game News and a post on Yehuda's blog have all generated their fair share of interest. Within the first 24 hours of announcing the game I already have more pre-orders than I got for Border Reivers - so I must be doing something right.


Phil said...

Great work Jack!
I think I will go quite low-key with any pre-publicity for my game. Seeing as it is my first venture into proper production, I'd hate to drum up some interest in something that ends up having major hiccups at the last minute.
If my first game goes well, I think I'll be following your lead in promoting the second.

Jack said...

Hiya Phil,

Yeah, I think taking it fairly steady with my first game was definitely a good idea as I ran into a few construction hiccups which would have seriously delayed delivering orders had I had a huge number at the beginning. I'm a bit more experienced now, so I'm more confident - plus It's Alive! is significantly easier to construct than Border Reivers.