Wednesday, March 28

Construction Rush: Progress So Far

I've got this week off work, with the intention of getting as much construction done as possible while The Wife is away. I got back from Denmark on Monday evening, and once I'd done a few chores I was ready to start construction. I made a set of tiles that night finishing off another game, and then started making the boxes for the next batch. I had to make an extra box as, for the first time, a box got damaged in the post last week. I'm sending the guy a replacement box free of charge and hoping to get some compensation from the Post Office. Not sure how much luck I'll have there though.

Yesterday was dissappointing in construction terms. I spent most of the day at work (I'm supposed to be on holiday!) and then in town later. In the evening Dave came round for games, which was good fun. All I got done in terms of construction was to make another set of tiles, finishing another game. I think part of the problem is that with all the travel I've been doing recently for work I just needed some time to relax - I spent a decent chunk of time yesterday reading some new comics I had bought.

I've got a few non-construction related tasks to do today, and in fact every day this week, but I hope to complete a couple of batches of games before The Wife gets back. I've also agreed to meet Dave on Sunday and play the new Jorvik prototype over a couple of pints, which forces me to actually make it :-)

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