Tuesday, March 13

Session Report: In Which I Don't Finish Caylus!

Last night I went round to Paul's for Monday night games again. I had to be up at 4:45am the next morning to go to Birmingham for a conference with work though - so I was hoping to finish early. First up was Spence's copy of Fluxx. I'd heard bad things about this on the Internet, so I was a bit wary of it, and to be honest I didn't take to it at all. During the three games we played the rules conspired to seriously reduce our choices each turn - for a lot of the time we had to play all the cards we had earn turn. It felt like we were just mechanically performing actions until the game was over - far too chaotic to be able to plan anything and it seemed pretty much random who won. Although I didn't enjoy it, Lisa did like, and the others seemed to think it was fun on occasion. I guess it's just one I don't enjoy. Winners: Lisa and Greg twice.

When Vin arrived we set up a game of Caylus with the five of us. I'd not played this in a while, and I enjoy it so I was keen to play. I got off to a fairly good start building a lot of castle components in the first couple of stages, but only building a single building. I'd used the favours I got to boost my score though and I was in second place. Then I glanced at my watch. It was 10:20pm, with probably an hour left to play and I had to get up in six and a half hours time. It was not good, I had to call it a night or I'd never manage to get up in the morning and catch my train. So I made my apologies and left feeling wretched. I hate walking out halfway through - it's really rude. About the only saving grace is that I don't think Caylus would suffer if someone pulls out. Who won? I've no idea. Let's say me.

A disappointing night all told - and mostly my own stupid fault, but there you go. It was still good fun as the conversation was very entertaining yet again.


Custancia said...

I completely agree that Fluxx is a game of chance - but it suited my tired brain not to have to worry about strategy!
As for Caylus - apparently the game was abandoned about half an hour after you left. You were clearly a trendsetter! It was about 3 turns from the end - but getting too late for everyone. Vin was clearly in the lead at that point (but who's to say he'd have maintained it?).

Jack said...

Yeah, I just didn't get on with Fluxx, something about it irked me. Shame about Caylus, but I guess we just started too late. We'll have to start earlier next time - either that or force Vin to play quicker ;-)