Wednesday, May 2

Boy! Have I Been Busy

After my GeekList last week things have been pretty hectic round here. I've finally (nearly midnight last night) completed the copies I needed to fulfill all the sales I've made during the last couple of weeks. I now have a grand total of zero complete copies in stock.

In nine days I'll be attending Beers and Pretzels in Burton-on-Trent. Obviously I need some stock for that, so I've got lots of Border Reivers construction ahead of me. Still, I've got ten copies ready apart from the tiles so I should be able to get a bunch done in time.

In addition, I've received the last of the artwork for It's Alive! from the artist and sent him payment, and ordered the wooden pieces from Germany too. On top of that I have to get the graphic design work done on top of the artwork. I've got to come up with a way to display the numbers of the cards on top of the artwork without looking crap, do the player guides, and make the rules pretty. I'm trying to organise a blind-playtesting event, and I think I've got about three weeks before the artwork has to be complete. Aaaah!

Off Topic:A further complication has been due to some health problems. Last year I experienced some wierdness where one of my legs went partially numb. Odd. I went to the doctor and was sent to a neurologist who sent me for an MRI scan. Still, it wasn't bothering me that much, it didn't stop me doing anything, and the neurologist thought it was most likely a virus causing an inflamation of my spinal column. About six weeks ago, I experienced some new symptoms. First my balance (which had been a little dubious) got significantly worse, and then I developed double vision. Over the last month or so I've been busy. I've been to A&E, the Eye Clinic twice, my doctor and now the neurologist. Three weeks ago I had an appointment with the neurologist to give me the results of my MRI, and my new symptoms confirmed the MRI results: I have MS. In the short term, this isn't too much of a problem - and shouldn't interfere too much with either my life, Reiver Games, or my job, and the double vision has now repaired - which is good as I couldn't drive for a few weeks. But things will get worse over the next few decades, and it's incurable. D'oh.

If you're feeling charitable, please give generously to either The MS Society (UK), the The National MS Society (US) or a similar organisation in your country to help scientists find a cure or ameliorating drugs. Ta!


Yehuda said...

Oh. my.


We're all eventually get sick and pass on, but it sucks to be reminded about it like that.

I hope you maintain good health and happiness.


Jack said...

Thanks, Yehuda. So far so good :-)


jogobom said...

Crumbs. I don't really know what to say except to echo Yehuda and wish you good health and happiness. All the best mate, take care of yourself.

Jack said...

Thanks Chris. I didn't realise you were still reading! I'm alright for the moment, and hopefully a long time to come :-)


Social Work Dad said...

Jack, I simply don't have the words. Our thoughts are with you and your family and we wish you health and happiness for the years to come.

Jack said...

Thanks Paul,

Don't worry about me = I'm 99% fine at the mo :-)