Monday, November 12

Everyone Needs A Mascot

I had a good week last week, selling a bunch of copies, after a relatively dry spell. The weird thing was, it seems like it's my mate Carl's fault.

Between my business travel and his time off work, I've not seen much of him recently. I went over to chat to him and during the conversation he asked me how the games-selling business was going. "Slowly," I replied. "You should sell more games," he advised. I got a couple of sales shortly after that. I ran over to tell him. "You should sell more games," he said grinning. I sold a couple more. This was beginning to get freaky. I told him again, this time I was fairly incredulous. "You should sell more games."

That evening a couple of friends came round, and they both bought a copy. Carl it seems is my lucky mascot.

We were both in again today. I wandered over to say hi, and told him about his special powers. "You should sell more games." I've sold another two today.

Run your own company selling games? I'll hire him out for a modest fee...


Philip said...

I'm glad you are selling games! Just wanted to thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll. I should have some nice pictures to show off in a week or so...

Jack said...

Hiya Philip,

Thanks! You're welcome for the blogroll, and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.