Wednesday, November 14

Moon Melee

I just had my second game added to the database at MOON MELEE came about because someone posted an idea on BGG and I decided to run with it, develop some rules and make a prototype and play test it. It had to change quite a bit from his original concept but that's what always seems to happen after a prototype is built. I bounced ideas off Edward Balyka (the one who posted the original concept) and my daughter and I played and tweaked it for a few days. I ironed out the rules we all agreed on the final version and I made some nice components. It's just a simple abstract strategy game but I find it to be a lot of fun to play. Of course I had to slap a theme on it! No matter how simple a game is I still think it deserves a theme. Here's the blurb on BGG: In the not too distant future, war and fighting have been banned on the planet earth. All disputes are now resolved on the moon, through hand to hand combat. Each nation involved in a dispute chooses its 7 most powerful warriors to compete in a decisive battle. Moon Melee is an abstract strategy game in which players play cards to determine the movement of their warriors. The warriors are represented by dice and have a life force of 6. Players take turns moving and attacking their opponents. When a warrior is reduced to a zero life force they are removed from the game. The game takes place on a 7 X 7 square grid. The player with the most life force after 3 rounds is declared the winner. Hop on over and take a look see. I'm planning on submitting the rules, cards and board files for free download if people want to make their own version of the game.

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