Tuesday, July 1

Good Days

The last few days have been great. On Saturday I headed over to Garforth near Leeds to Hugo's GarforTTGamers session which was great fun. I got to play a couple more prototypes (one for the first time) and was introduced to Mr. Jack (Meh!) and Pandemic (Sweet!).

Monday Mal was down again, on the way back from a gig in Manchester. We played a whole bunch of prototypes, and a couple of proper games which I hadn't played in ages. It's been great to see so much of Mal recently and it's great that I can spend all afternoon and evening playing games and it counts as work :-).

Today has also been good. I've been promised the final It's Alive! quote from Cartamundi, I've a tweaked It's Alive! box illustration from the artist incorporating a lot of the feedback I garnered here in my last post, and great news from Germany.

The guy who's doing the It's Alive! translation into German (who's already done a sterling job, above and beyond the call of duty), took his copy to a Heidelberger convention on the weekend. He also does translations for them, translating the English versions of Fantasy Flight games into German. Anyway, it was very well received (also the guys from cliquenabend.de made a video promo of it :-) ), and now Heidelberger are interested in distributing it in Europe :-). Still no hard order from the Americans, but I've now got UK, European and New Zealand distributors interested. Yay!


Azulantas said...

Hey Jack,

That's great news! Keep up the good work and be sure that it's a pleasure playtesting your games.



Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Hugo,

Thanks! I'll keep you up to date, and there's plenty more where those two came from...



Mal said...

I see the video review is up now. Just wish I could speak German.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Mal,

Yeah, I've seen that too. Again, my German is lacking :-(