Thursday, July 17

Time Off (Bye!)

Half the proofs arrived today (the corrected box, German rules and cards) with the rest not due to arrive until Monday morning.

This gives me a few days, and seeing as we're technically on holiday down here I'm going to take the next couple of days off. Tomorrow The Wife and I are going on a day-trip to an unspecified location (if I told you I'd have to kill you) and then on Saturday The Wife, my parents and I are going to Bath for the day. I've not been to Bath in about ten years (my last time there was a drunken weekend with a flatmate from University) but as kids my parents used to take us there fairly often. It'll be great to see it again.

In other news, the proofs were fine, I'm going to send them back on Monday all together. Ted's had a chance to play the Carpe Astra prototype and seems pretty happy with it so far. He's suggested an improvement which sounds good. He's going to get guys at his game group to blind-playtest it this evening.

I've received a line-drawn (but not yet coloured) draft of the Carpe Astra box art - I think it's awesome. I'll post it here on my return assuming I get the artist's permission.

Finally, the other publisher sounds quite keen on the other language version of It's Alive! I'm going to send them the artwork so they can make a prototype and try it out.

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