Thursday, July 17

Time Off (Almost)

It's been a frustrating couple of days again. I'm still waiting for the proofs for It's Alive!, some of which I've now been promised this morning. When I receive them I've got to check the colour balance and send them back to the printers if I'm happy with them. I should get the rules, corrected box and the cards this morning with the player shields, guides and slabs turning up tomorrow.

After posting about the difficulties of contacting companies via a generic email address posted on their website, I've received lots of advice about contacting them by phone. Skype looks pretty cheap, plus a friend has offered my the use of their free international calls package :-) One of the distributors I contacted yesterday has responded, they seem interested in doing a version in another language, which is great if I can land that deal. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

Carpe Astra is moving on. Ted (the main designer) has received the prototype I sent him last week and has started coming up with some comments/ideas. He's going to get his game group to blind playtest it tonight, where one of them teaches the others from a reading of the rules. I'm not sure the version of the rules I sent to them is up to the job, but it should lead to some good feedback about where the rules aren't very clear.

Until the proofs turn up, there's not a huge amount I can do. When they do I either have to sign them and send them back or I might have to re-do the artwork to correct colour-balance problems. The Wife is on holiday down here and frustratingly I can't spend any time doing nice things out of the house with her as I've had to wait in for deliveries (which have yet to turn up).

In other news, the Codename: Ancient contract has been sent to it's designer. Once I get a signed copy back I'll make an announcement here about the game.

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