Wednesday, July 2


Today has been a very busy day.

This morning I got the revised quote from the manufacturer. Unlike the last one (2p cheaper), this one was 28p cheaper, it may not sound like much, but that's nearly £850 less when you multiply it by 3,000.

Now I'd got the quote I could press on, so I finished the artwork, checked it, made a couple of corrections and then burned it to a couple of CDs. I'd had a problem with the last lot of writeable CDs, which I put down to being stored near a radiator (duh!), so I'd bought some more. Three didn't work so it took me 5 discs to burn 2 discs worth of data. Maybe my CD drive is on the way out :-(. Once I'd finally finished that (around 4pm), I went to the post office to send It's Alive! to the printers. Yes. It's finally gone. That means I should be about four weeks away from closing the pre-order list, receiving some stock and seeing my first game on the shelves of my local FLGS. That will be a fantastic day.

While I was in town, I thought I ought to eat something (I'd worked through lunch trying to get It's Alive! burned onto CD). It's been a long time coming, but it's great to finally see it off. Now I can concentrate on getting Carpe Astra ready.

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