Thursday, March 26

BoardGameGeek Introduction

In the end I decided to do the 'review' as a Press Release - you can read it here. Dirk - its got the photos I promised you ages ago - excuse the poor quality of the board print - my printer decided to go a bit mental!


dirk said...

Thx Jack,

It looks really nice.
I have a feeling I'm repeating this over and over again, but I'm really pleased.

David said...

Great solution! As a review, it would have looked like just another review, with the possibility of some people accusing you of shilling. But as a press release, it really stood out as something different.

Jack said...


I'm really glad you're pleased with it - it's got your name on after all.


Yeah, it's worked very very and lead to several pre-orders. Kudos to those of you who suggested a Press Release in the comments of the last post.



Michael said...

Is it still possible to change something on the box cover?
If you go bilingual (English/German), as I understood, you should take out the "by" - just print "Dirk Liekens".

And while I'm at it, when playing with the (old and simplified) prototype, we thought that it would have been nice if the city state names were written in two orientations on the map and the cards.

Looking really, really good, btw.

Gruß aus Aachen,

Jack said...

Hiya Michael,

Good point. It's not too late to make any changes to any of the art (the punchboards and gameboard are need in a week or so, the box and rules two weeks after that) - so I'll make that change.

Regarding the text in two orientations, I might do it on the tiles (I'll see what it looks like) but I don't think I can have it looking nice on the board. The tiles show you where on the board the city-state is, so the text isn't strictly necessary.