Friday, March 6

Feeling Chipper!

It feels like Spring today. The sun is shining, it's fairly warm and most importantly I can get out in it! My course of steroids at the hospital finished today and already I'm walking better, which is great, I was beginning to feel a bit confined to the house.

On the work front there's not been a whole heap of progress, what with all the trips to hospital, though I have managed to read several books. The good news on the payment front is that most of the late payments have now arrived, and those that haven't, I've spoken to and so I'm less worried about the money not turning up.

I've also received the finished artwork for Sumeria from Harald (the artist). It looks awesome - I'm really pleased with it. This means that next week I can do the graphic design, laying out the art ready to send to the printers.

I've also got to do a few chores next week (the books for February) and some more marketing (sending out the next quarterly newsletter).

It'll be nice to be able to get stuck in again properly.

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