Monday, May 11

Good News / Bad News

Which do you want first?

The increased discount has lead to a lot of extra pre-orders for Sumeria, which is great, I could do with some more, but every little helps :-). I've mentioned it here, on BoardGameGeek and in my newsletter, plus W. Eric Martin has tweeted about it on Boardgame News. Not sure where else I should mention it really. Maybe Facebook?

The bad news is that I've been blacklisted by Microsoft. Since my last email newsletter went out, all Microsoft email addresses are bouncing my emails. So that's:, and This is really annoying. I've sent out the newsletter and they've received it, they then reply asking above the Sumeria deal and when I reply to them it bounces. At that point I have to resort to re-sending the email from my personal GMail account.

This is especially annoying since the wording of the bounce email seems to imply that the blacklisting is in response to a Microsoft customer complaint. Everyone on my list is on my list because they have asked to be there. At the bottom of each email there are 'unsubscribe' instructions. Now I've got to find out how to go about un-blacklisting myself.

Tomorrow I'll be doing some more sales visits to local-ish shops, so most of today will be spent preparing for that. I popped into a couple in Bristol (we were down there for the weekend visiting family) - one seemed quite interested in It's Alive! and Sumeria, the other had a very small stock of board games, including Carpe Astra :-)


Gamethyme said...

I live in the Greater Seattle Area, and, as such, have a number of friends who are employees at Microsoft. I've e-mailed a few of them to see what (if anything) can be done.

I can't promise results, as they're not on the team which handles e-mail, but it's a start.

If I find anything out, I'll let you know.

Jack said...

Wow! Thanks. There will be a proper channel I have to go through, as soon as I find it I'll get it done that way too.



Tao said...

Hey Jack, the other cheat is to pay for an e-mail / newsletter manager system. There are some great cheap one's out there, that'll help deal with issues like that. And also automatically allow all your e-mails to go through again (unless they're bouncing by your name...)

Oh, and the contest is going great. If you want to pop your head over and maybe suggest which one's you like after the 19th, I'd be grateful:

Carpe Astra contest

Jack said...

Hiya Tao,

Sure, I'll judge them on the 19th - some cool ideas there :-)