Tuesday, May 19

Postal Theft

Yesterday was a very busy day. In addition to a bunch of business stuff I needed to do, I also needed to sort out a few things regarding the new house we're buying, which took much longer than necessary.

I did manage to get to the Post Office just in time to send the Sumeria prototype to the UK Games Expo guys to allow them to judge it for Game of the Year. I also had a few prototypes to send back to designers at the same time.

I've just heard from the UK Games Expo guys that the packaging for the Sumeria prototype arrived today as expected, sadly the contents are absent without leave. This was my only prototype, so now I have to quickly knock up another prototype to send off to them. Hopefully, this one won't go missing again.

In other news, the people who played Sumeria at the weekend have started to rate it on BoardGameGeek, so it's climbing nearer towards the 30 ratings it needs to get ranked, and I've been sent a Russian translation of the rules to Sumeria which I need to layout and post on my website. Things are moving on...


Mal said...

Man, that's shocking. Theft! I'm shocked. Are you shocked? I am.

Yehuda said...

Send registered mail.

Jack said...

In fairness Mal, it could have happened during mechanical processing, and be nobody's fault. But I'm still shocked.


I could have sent it registered mail, but it's a lot more expensive, and I've sent literally hundreds of games through the post without a problem, so usually it's fine.

I got the replacement together yesterday, and it was in the post by the end of the day, so it only led to a 24 hour delay (assuming this copy arrives ok!).