Wednesday, May 6

Seeing Some Benefit

Well, I've got both the consignment returns I was waiting for. It's hard to make a judgement on the US returns, since they haven't had Carpe Astra long, and they've just switched from biweekly to monthly billing. But there certainly isn't a large jump as a result of the BoardGameGeek competition and sales calls. In the UK though it's a different story. The UK returns show a large improvement over the previous month, though whether that's down to the sales visits I've been making or the BGG competition it's hard to tell.

I'm going to do some more sales visits next week (ahead of my attendance at the Beers and Pretzels convention next weekend. I also need to concentrate on picking a game for my Essen release. I've a couple of potentials, but nothing certain yet. Playtesting over the next couple of weeks should help to confirm things, if you're going to Beer and Pretzels, stop by my table and ask to play a prototype with me (and while you're at it, why not try Sumeria!).

I'm even considering a few sales trips a bit further afield. There are several shops up North that I could visit, but to do so would probably mean staying the night somewhere, so it's a bit more of a commitment than the local trips I've been doing so far.


Duncan said...

You're more than welcome to stop over here, as I'm sure you'll have guessed ;)

Jack said...

Hiya Dunk,

Thanks! There's apparently a shop in Shipley which might sell games!

I keep meaning to give you a ring, speak soon.



Custancia said...

You're welcome to stay here, if you've not already covered this North area...

Jack said...

Hiya Lisa,

Thanks for the offer, but last time I stayed with you I covered that area :-)