Wednesday, December 27

Christmas Games

I love Christmas. It's the only time during the year that both my family and the in-laws all get together (though separately!). Plus presents :-) I'm also lucky that both my family and the in-laws are keen to play games over Christmas, yeay!

Christmas Day started well, with a copy of PitchCar from The Wife :-) I'd only played it once before, but I loved it, and I thought it would be good to have a dexterity game, as it's a genre that was un-represented in my games collection. I also managed to fob-off my copy of Munchkin Fu onto Matt, who loves it - I need to make room in my tiny flat for a new game.

Since I've arrived at the in-laws I've finished a new prototype version of the submission (currently known as Codename: Monster), which features a different theme, and more pieces allowing the game to be played with up to six players. I tried it out a couple of times on my own once two player and once three, but it's difficult to play a game that features hidden information when you're playing all the players! I've also done a little work on Codename: Sennon.

Christmas Day was spent at the in-laws, and we broke out PitchCar and had a few games of that, and then played Trivial Pursuit in the evening. It was a newer version of Trivial Pursuit which played a bit faster - still it's not a game I enjoy.

Boxing Day we went round to my family's house for more food and present-opening. I took PitchCar as I though it would go over well and it did - we played seven games during the day and evening. We also played three games of Codename: Monster which was very well received, despite only having very basic components with bits scribbled on in pencil and loose change for tokens.

Great stuff! Must play more games...

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hmocc said...

Hi Jack,

Your Christmas sounded really good!

Here in Leeds our souls spent their Christmas eating, drinking, watching DVD's - the 1st season of Grey's Anatomy, which LL loved, and (still watching) the seventh season of Seinfeld, which we both love - AND playing games Santa brought.

We played Mr. Jack three times (I won all of them, 1 playing Jack the Ripper, the other 2 with the Detectives); 10 Days in Africa twice (1 victory apiece); Kahuna once (where I was utterly wiped out); Hey-Fish! twice (where LL was utterly wiped, twice); and finally, Odin's Ravens once (I can't remember who won this...)

All in all it was quite good as, Hey-Fish! apart, all games were new to both of us.

We still have The Downfall of Pompeii, Louis XIV and San Juan to play (from Santa's batch), and we were wanting to have a go at Twilight Struggle, Roma and something else - maybe Modern Art - if we manage to convince our visiting friends to play.