Saturday, December 9

Roll Call

This blog gets a surprising number of hits everyday, and that's not including people who read the feed, but don't visit the front page. I know who a few of our readers are, but there are lots I'm unaware of. So I've had an idea. Please write in the comments who you are, where you're from, where you heard about the blog, and what you'd like to see more or and less of here. Thanks!

In other news I'm coming down with the cold that plagued The Wife last week I think. But I've managed to make a set of tiles, and finish the cards for the next Border Reivers batch. Almost ready to start another batch.


Jack said...

I'll even get you started:

Who: Jack
Where: York, UK
More: Other designers describing their efforts, more pictures.
Less: Of my witterings.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Hi, Jack.


Jack said...

Hey Yehuda,

You're one of the few I'm aware of. Glad to see you're still reading, hopefully it's because there's something here you're interesting in, rather than out of a sense of board games blog completeness...

Steve said...

Who: Steve (SteveK2 on bgg; Border Reivers 2/100)
Where: Cardiff, UK

I visit every week or so, mainly to see how your new games are progressing, though it's also interesting to hear about your first play of old games from other designers.

andyb said...

Who: Andy (Grimwold on BGG)

Where: Manchester

How: Played Border Reivers with Jen down in Stoke, then found your profile on BGG.

Why: I enjoy reading your exploits as a game designer, and your game sessions. I read primarily on RSS, and visit blogger when I want to comment.


Jack said...

Hiya Steve & Andy,

Andy I knew about (due to frequent commenting), I had no idea you read the blog though Steve! Hi! Thanks for the feedback, I'm hoping to use it to keep our audience happy :-)


hmocc said...

Hi, This is Hugo from Leeds (UK). My blogger and BGGeek nick is "hmocc".

I met Jack, who taught me to play BR (and from whom I purchased copy no.30/100), at PsychoCon2006 (Leeds).

P.S.: Jack, I've been short on time lately, but maybe I'll be able to help in your "More:" department in the future.

Jack said...

Hey Hugo,

Sounds interesting...


jako said...

Who: Dave (BGG: Jako)
Where: York, UK
More: Posts from the Gaming Population.

It's good to hear from all the people out there, I'm always glad to hear other peoples ideas. They're always greatfully recieved!

Look out for more Citywise news soon...