Friday, December 1

Legendary Night!

Wednesday night was good. I got another gamer sale. I had some good news about my publicity. But last night was legendary. Seriously. When I come to write my autobiography it will deserve a whole chapter. They'll be singing sagas that tell the tale of this night for centuries to come.

Ok, perhaps I'm over-selling it, but I feel really good again. As I'm sure you noticed I was feeling a bit down, sales were thin on the ground and I was feeling a little disappointed, wondering whether I'd made the right decision investing so much of my time and money into self-publishing Border Reivers. Last night reassured me.

I'd been spending more time with The Wife and with friends and family, and I'll be honest, production had slacked off a bit. It's been nice to see so much of my family over the last few weekends, I usually only see them a couple of times a year, so it's been really good to see them more often. I've also really enjoyed spending more time with The Wife. Border Reivers production takes up a lot of time, and I'd been spending almost all my free time on it for several months.

I'd intended to spend last night on construction (the first for over a week), with the bunch of orders at the wedding, plus another order earlier in the week I'd fallen behind. I needed to get some copies finished off.

Before I started I checked my email (as I do habitually most evenings and mornings), and trawled through the usual thirty-odd spam messages offering stock tips or various bedroom medications (you know the ones I mean ;-) ). This time there were a bunch of real emails for me! Another designer had let me know he had sent me a prototype to playtest for possible publishing, the reviewer from BBC MindGames confirmed the review is in the February edition (out 2nd January) and is going to send my parents a free copy of the magazine too - since they lent her their copy to review. Nice touch - I'm impressed. It got better. I had an order from a customer after two copies! Yeay!

Numfar! Do the Dance of Joy!

I also got some construction done, too. Good stuff.


AndyB said...

That's great news.. I'm really glad that sales have picked up a bit, and that other designers are coming forward with games for you to consider publishing.

Are you at Beyond Monopoly tomo? Al and I are actually able to make it again this time.

Jack said...

Hiya Andy, Nice to hear from you again. I'll be at BM hopefully from around 12 - see you tomorrow. And, yes it's great news about sales picking up, I was beginning to doubt...

andyb said...

I've been around, and still reading your blog (I get it on RSS), just not had much chance to post.

Will see you tomorrow.. hopefully we can get in a game of something.

Say positive about the game.. sales will pick up. They're bound to go in waves to begin with I think.

Jack said...

Glad to hear you're still interested and thanks for the support. See you tomorrow.

hmocc said...

Hi Jack,

Hopefully, if things go according to plan (the planets and the stars seem to be in a favourable alignment and the Gods in a good mood), I will be joining the Group at Beyond Monopoly! tomorrow in York.

I'm just waiting to see Jon's face (he's always scolding me for living in Leeds and not coming to York...)

I'll be glad to meet you, and the rest of the people I met at PsychoCon and play/learn a few more games.

Is there (at BM!) a copy of Border Reivers or will you be taking one? I would really like to play a 3 or 4 player game.

See you tomorrow!

Jack said...

Hiya hugo,

Cool - it'll be good to see you again too. Several people at BM own a copy of Border Reivers, and there's often a copy knocking around, sadly my own personal copy is not fit for play at the moment as I steal a tile from it whenever I make a mistake. Hopefully there'll be some copies there.