Friday, December 22

I'm In The Press: Part Two

Last night I received my advance copy of BBC MindGames magazine featuring the review of Border Reivers. The review is on the This Month page, and if you're familiar with the format it's the large review at the top of the page. It features a really nice photo of the game and box, the company URL, the price, a text review, a summary and a star rating (out of five). The review is generally pretty positive but is critical of the readibility of the rules - this was to be expected as I had to go down to teach the reviewer how to play the game.

Overall I'm really pleased with the review, here's hoping it generates some sales...


andyb said...

I've been buying the mag, ever since Beyond Monopoly was club of the month... I'm looking forward to the Border Reivers review, and Shire Games as Club of the Month.. I've also been enjoying some of the puzzles... particularly the logic stuff and the kakuro.

Jack said...

I've somehow managed to blag a load of free copies (Psychocon attendance, popping down to the office and then being in it). The Shire Gamers write-up is nice - and I think you're in the photo!

andyb said...

I got a couple of free copies from Jon, and then bought the last 2 issues.
I had wondered if I'd be in the photo. Can you tell what game we're playing?

Anyway enough of that... I came to wish you a Happy, and Joyous Christmas... to Jack, Jako, Luke and all your readers.


Jack said...

Thanks Andy, Merry Christmas to you to.