Thursday, December 21

Just Because It's Christmas

...doesn't mean I've stopped making games. I have slowed down however. I've been very busy socially the last week or so - lots of parties and meals out. I've been trying to balance that with the goals I've set myself for game construction.

My current status is three finished copies, with four outstanding orders, three of which I'll fulfill over Christmas (they are the friends and family orders I got at my sister's wedding - the shame!). I've also got nine copies that are complete except for the tiles. I've got three sets of tiles glued and ready to cut out, and this evening I'm going round to a friend's garage to do the gluing for the other six. That'll mean I've got nine sets of tiles to cut out while I'm down at the in-laws for a couple of weeks. Each one takes just over and hour, and I try to limit myself to one set a day as it is hard work and knackers my hands.

I'm doing a big push because the reivew in BBC MindGames Magazine comes out on 2nd January while I'm down in Bristol - so I need to take some copies with me in case it generates some sales.

I've also been thinking about the submission (including spending yesterday lunchtime looking into illustrators for a potential release), and Codename: Sennon, writing some software to generate hexes, so that I can print out guides to cut out the hex tiles. I wanted to get a first Sennon prototype finished this month, and now I can with very little effort while I'm down in Bristol.

I'll probably post a few times over Christmas to let you know how construction and playtesting are going, but until then: Merry Christmas!

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