Monday, December 11

Lots of Construction

I spent a decent chunk of the weekend making copies of Border Reivers. We had to cancel a few events as The Wife was ill, and although I felt like I was coming down with it too, I managed to fight it off (so far...). So we stayed in, and I made loads of games. I did another couple of sets of tiles, finishing of two more copies from the batch of six I started a week or so ago, and started another batch of six - making the boxes and labelling the box trays (lids to follow). My stock status is looking a little healthier (three finished copies, and ten copies in progress), with four outstanding orders. Once I've finished the first batch of six I will also have made fifty copies - half the run. This will feel good - though it's taken me over four months to do it. I'm almost on the home straight.

I also bought some card on the weekend so that I can make another Jorvik prototype and finish the Sennon prototype I started down in Bristol last month. I've had some ideas to try to boost the player interaction in Jorvik, and tie some of the mechanics more tightly to the theme. However, they might just over complicate things - I'll have to try it out to see whether it works or not.

I can't see me getting much construction done this week - we've a lot of social events on, but I will get to Paul's games night again, and hopefully Dave will pop round for more Space Hulk plus some more playtesting of his Citywise prototype and maybe even some of my prototypes.


jako said...

Sounds good! Let me know when you're free (and not gluing).

All the best

Jack said...

Hey Dave,

I can do Tuesday or Wednesday - which is best for you?