Tuesday, January 9

Back In The Game

Now I'm back I'm trying to settle things down and get back to normal. So far I've had mixed results.

I've started another batch of six copies of Border Reivers, my aim at the moment is to get all the copies constructed as soon as possible, freeing up my time for other projects. I've also made another sale - this one to America again, which is nice, since it is very expensive for Americans because of the awful exchange rate. I need more sales, they've been almost non-existant for the last five or six weeks. Without more sales I'll not have enough money to make any of the other games I'm considering, as all the money has gone into Border Reivers production for now. I'm really hoping that I just need to get some more exposure, and that I've not reached a plateau where everyone who wants a copy has now bought one.

Regardless of my sales worries, I've been pushing on with Codename:Monster. I've been in discussion with the designer, who is going to try out the changes I've made, and I've also approached an artist for the artwork. I'm afraid I won't be able to come close to affording the artist, but we're hopefully meeting in a pub next week to discuss the project, and he does sound interested so far.

Border Reivers has been getting some attention on The Geek too, thanks to a couple of recent listings in Geeklists. One by Van Overbay, designer of Tranquility Base has got a lot of thumbs ups, and I've now got almost as many people on The Geek listed as wanting a copy as I have people listed as owning a copy. Sadly, most of those are in America or Canada, and doubtless won't be able to afford it. Ho hum.

I was also contacted on The Geek, by a fellow designer based in Australia who had found this blog to be a really useful resource, and had a couple more questions for me. Feedback like that is nice - it's good to know that the exercise of blogging here semi-regularly is of some use, and not just a vanity exercise.

Still no interest (at least from a sales or enquiries point of view) from the BBC MindGames review, though I'm not totally writing it off yet...


Dave said...

Keep the faith dude! I'm sure that when your next game is released, it'll generate interest in your 'back catalogue'.

I'm looking forward to seeing Monster. Hope the artist can be swayed with a few beers...

All the best

Jack said...

I'm hanging in there - that sale yesterday has helped.

I've now got a prototype of Monster (of similar quality to the others you've played), that is very similar to the submission you played. I too am hoping the beers carry some weight with the artist :-)