Wednesday, January 17


I found out today that the copy I recently sold to the States was as a result of the BBC MindGames review - so it has generated some interest at least.

I was worried that the address looked wrong, so I held off posting the copy for nearly a week, while emailing trying to get the address confirmed. I eventually posted it on Monday without getting confirmation, as I was getting worried about hanging on to the money for so long without posting the copy. Today I got confirmation that the address was correct, and I was thanked for my customer service! I was worried I'd be berated for dragging my heels - so that was good.

I also heard back from Rick Thornquist, the old editor of Board Game News about an article he was considering doing on Border Reivers several months ago. He had emailed me to let me know that since I'd emailed him Eric Martin had taken over (which I knew about), and to forward the conversation to Eric. Eric also contacted me the same day to see about an article - excellent!

I also got permission to demo and sell Border Reivers at Beer and Pretzels in May - it'll be my largest convention yet.

Today was a good day.


hmocc said...

Congrats! and good luck with the Boardgame News article and Beer and Pretzels Con.

Jack said...

Thanks, Hugo. I'm feeling a bit better about things again.

I'll not be able to get to Headingley this week though, I'm afraid - see you Saturday.