Sunday, January 7

I'm Back

Well, I've spent two weeks in Bristol, with a brief jaunt to Amsterdam thrown in for good measure, and now I'm back at home. I've got the nine copies I took to Bristol finished, and I'm ready to start another batch.

The bad news? The review in BBC MindGames hasn't generated any interest at all yet, so lots of copies, no one to sell them to. D'oh!

In other news I've been putting a bit of effort into the submission (Codename: Monster), seeing as I had some spare time down at the in-laws. I've been pricing up components for runs of a few different sizes, and investigating artists. It's been fun, but what I really need to do now is sell some more copies of Border Reivers, and playtest Monster a lot more - so that I can make an informed go/no go decision on it.


Custancia said...

I suppose a telling question would be whether your website stat counter has gone up since the magazine came out?

Jack said...

So far the hits do seem to be higher, but I guess I'll have to wait and see whether they end up higher over all for the month.

andyb said...

I didn't realise the magazine had actually shipped... everytime I've looked in my local stockist (like last week) it's been the pre-christmas issue.

I shall try and hunt down a copy!

Jack said...

According to the magazine it says 1st January, but Liz said it would be the 2nd. So it should be out there (though I've not checked).