Thursday, January 25

Games in the Snow

Hello all!

With Jack enjoying the sunshine over in the states while the UK shivers in (occasional) snow and sleet, I thought I'd take the opportunity to give you an update on what I've been doing.


After a few playtests and a lot of rules changes last year, I decided to let this rest over christmas. I'm now re-writing the rules and adding in some more varied task cards. The original task cards were along the lines of 'Go to place A, collect package, take to place B, collect 500 credits'. I want the new cards to include secret tasks that are only revealed at the end of the game, such as 'If you hold a computer at the end of the game, gain 300 creds'. I'll be working on these for the next week or so, i'll keep you updated.

Space Campaign:

As mentioned in a previous post, i'm also collecting ideas on a space campaign game, that is going to be on a very large scale. I want it to contain all aspects of running a galactic empire, but in a fun and, erm, serious way. I also want to include a tactical battle segment for resolving combat, but that could develop into a mini-game of it's own. This game is purely in the ideas stage at the moment so if anyone has any features they'd like to see, please let me know ('How about the game plays in real time, and it takes 6 months to travel form one planet to the next, Dave?').

I think these two should keep me busy for a while. I'd like to get a workable version of Space Campaign by the end of the year and get a final version of Citywise together as well. I'm not sure it'll happen, but it'll be fun trying!

All the best


hmocc said...


Great to hear about your games progress. Citywise seems to be really interesting with a very good theme and mechanics to match. I would love to play it someday.

The Space Campaign game, will it be based on any known sci-fi, a mix of all sci-fi(s) or will you create a totally new environment? If so, did you start by writing a script of just by putting together some game mechanics?


Dave said...

Hi Hugo,

When a more complete version of citywise is done, then i'll be inviting people to playtest it.

My space campaign game will be set in our universe, far in the future after a galactic war as various human colonies try to become dominant. My aim when working on this game is to include everything i can. So i'm currently making lists of political systems, technological development and economic systems. I'll then try to combine them into a workable game system. I expect it will be very very complicated and require lots of maths and book-keeping. I want it to be a game that you can play for an hour a week, put it away, then continue the same campaign the following week. That's the theory anyway!